Who we are - We are a body of believers who were separated from Yeshua, excluded from the common-wealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, who now realize the power and the purpose of His Word. We are driven by a desire to walk in all of God’s truths. We consist of a physical and an online family.
What we are - I would love to be able to give you a neat and tidy title of what we are… something like Hebraic Root, Messianic, One New Man, Christians that read the whole Bible or straight up Jewish, but I won’t. We are Torah pursuant/observant, Messiah dependent, Spirit filled, praising and worshipping believers. We realize that we can do nothing, but what we see the Father doing.
Why we are - We understand that what we were taught from the beginning was void of the decoder ring of culture, history, and the fullness of His Torah. The same Torah that was from the beginning and will be taught by Yeshua in the Millennial reign! We realized that our understanding was operating in transitional absolutes. What I mean is that we had based truth on what offends us at the time as opposed to what offends God. We, at Eagle Rock Ministries, have this crazy idea that we should focus in on what pleases the Father and brings glory to His name!